5 Selfie Faux-Pas

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The CSE National Expo was so great this year! Aside from our photo team covering the event (see album here), attendees constantly had their smart phones out trying to take it all in. And when there is a camera in everyone’s pocket, there is a strong temptation to “selfie”! Love them or hate them, they seem to be the latest trend.

Being the social media coordinator, I thought that I’d share some tips on this newest photo genre…

  1. WHAT’S THAT BEHIND YOU? Be mindful of your background. I have to start off by saying kudos to those of you who took advantage of the logo, me and Stef definitely did haha! But this simple tip is so easily ignored. When you’re attending a gorgeous event, you are surrounded by creative lighting, wow pieces and incredible entry treatments, so why not use them? Get a selfie on that custom leopard print couch or pose with the man made of mirrors. It will make for some interesting hashtags as well as a more exciting photo. If you choose not to incorporate background elements, then get closer and fill the frame with your face(s)!
  2. DITCH THE DUCK FACE  (Don’t know what a Duck Face is? Click Here)- I will admit, I have recently looked back on images and found myself guilty of this faux pas. But to my future self, and to everyone else out there: smile, laugh, wink or stare. But under no circumstance, do a duck face. It’s not flattering and it has unanimously been labeled lame. There have been many events we’ve covered where we point a camera at a beautiful group of girls and instantly they have their lips puckered out and eyes wide. There is a subtle way to show off that gorgeous shade of lipstick without looking like an aquatic animal (and while we’re on the topic of posing as a group…no need to lean in or bend down to fit in the picture. Your photographer will take a step back if needed and you can just stand tall and strong).
  3. ARE YOU SNAP HAPPY? Make sure to pace yourself. This goes for all photos, whether on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. That’s awesome you had a fun evening, but no one needs (or probably wants) a play by play. If you feel so inclined to share this much then maybe wait until you have a few different shots and throw together a quick collage (make friends with InstaCollage) of your favorite moments. But probably best to leave it at that.
  4. NO DRINKING AND POSTING. You’ve all heard “Don’t drink and drive”, well the same goes for selfies. I get it…you’re celebrating or you can’t believe that you’re finally a guest at an event…that’s great! Take a quick team photo to document the moment. Try to do this BEFORE ordering your second round of tequila shots. You may not only be looking a little less than your usual lovely self, but chances are you’ll end up with a dark, blurry, unflattering image. When in doubt, take the photo but maybe wait until the next morning to decide if it’s post worthy.
  5. SMURFS NEED NOT APPLY. The point of a selfie is usually not to show where you are, or what you’re doing, but to show you. It’s a self-portrait. Don’t stand in front of a window (back to it) because you’ll become a dark, faceless silhouette. Instead, face the window and try again. If you’re at an event, look for natural or tungsten light, which your phone camera can render much easier. Avoid standing close to LED lighting: the last thing you want is to look like a smurf (unless you plan on putting #smurf #selfie).

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