About Leblond Studio

Leblond Studio Inc. has grown steadily over the past few years, evolving to fulfill the changing needs of our amazing clients.

Our onsite photography team includes photographer Jeff Chan in Vancouver, Bruce Clarke and Curtis Round in Edmonton, and four photographers working from Calgary; Richard Akitt, Svetlana Yanova, Tracy Griffiths and Nathalie Terekhova.

Our production team includes Janay Baade and Chloe Purcell, designers and photo editors. And our Management team includes Stephanie Leblond, founder and president. 

Our centralized post-production team paired with talented local photo teams have been our key to providing consistent professional quality across the country.

Our Services

Decor | Entertainment | Food

Gala | Conference | Brand Activation

We are professional. We arrive on time, dressed professionally, prepared with site maps, schedules, shot lists, and a happy smile. We’re experienced, have pro gear (plus back ups), carry liability insurance and we’re covered under WCB.

We have consistently high quality. When your event is over, our post-production team starts to work on your images. Our professional photo editors carefully back up the files and then sort, pick and edit the most powerful images. Our Art Director oversees the team and approves each image before it is sent to you.

We ensure timely delivery. Our services provide turnaround options: Rush Preview (Top 12), Rush All ASAP or our standard turnaround. You will get your images by your chosen deadline, or sooner.

Our Team

Stephanie Leblond

Founder & President

Stephanie Leblond is the Founder and President at Leblond Studio Inc.and has been involved with events across Canada since 2005.

Richard Akitt

Lead Photographer | Calgary & Digital Asset Manager

Photography has always been a companion to Rich, a tool that allowed him to better see and explore the landscapes and adventures he found himself immersed in.

Svetlana Yanova

Lead Photographer | Calgary

Svetlana Yanova loves photographing people in their element.

Bruce Clarke

Lead Photographer | Edmonton & Art Director

Born and raised in Edmonton, Bruce received his first camera when he was about 9 years old.

Jeff Chan

Lead Photographer | Vancouver

Jeff’s love of travel and thirst for knowledge has given him the opportunity to photograph some of the most spectacular places on the planet.