Jeff Chan

Lead Photographer | Vancouver

Jeff’s love of travel and thirst for knowledge has given him the opportunity to photograph some of the most spectacular places on the planet. When he’s not traveling or busy shooting a wedding or an event, he also enjoys teaching photography classes and being involved with the popular website as the Director of Content.

Jeff’s passion for photography started when he was 17 and he was asked to shoot for the high school yearbook. He didn't have much experience with a DSLR but as the months progressed, he grew technically and became passionate about capturing people and moments around the school. It wasn't until after graduation that he decided to buy his first camera and soon after, started working as a second shooter for a local photographer. After spending two years apprenticing with this mentor, he decided to go back to photography school.

Jeff loves documenting interactions between people, whether posed or candid. He truly enjoys seeing the exquisite décor and design that play such a part at upscale events, but above all, his my very favorite subject is the fantastic food at corporate events.