Bruce Clarke

Lead Photographer | Edmonton & Art Director

Born and raised in Edmonton, Bruce received his first camera when he was about 9 years old. It was a Konica C35 film camera – a gift given by friends visiting from Japan. As soon as he picked it up and looked through the viewfinder, he was hooked.

Bruce’s love for photography grew and he started to pursue it as a serious hobby when he lived in Japan for a few years in the mid-90’s. Although he didn’t understand the first thing about f-stops, aperture, depth of field, or ISO, everyone kept telling him that he had a good eye for photography and they encouraged him to pursue photography at a professional level.

After investing several years taking photography courses, learning and practicing the craft, Bruce finally felt ready to step out and start earning money with his camera. He began photographing families, events and weddings. A turning point in his career was in 2007, when he was hired to photograph an event for Grammy Award winning artist David Foster. Since then, he’s had the opportunity to work with a lot of fantastic clients.

In 2012, Bruce joined the Leblond Studio team and traveled to Toronto with Stephanie to shoot the 100th Grey Cup gala event, for which the studio was nominated for the international Esprit award for Best Event Photography. Bruce is now the studio’s lead photographer in Edmonton photographer and the Art Director, overseeing the post production team.

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