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A message from Stef

Hello friends,


These past weeks, I’ve been listening and observing the many ways this crisis has impacted #eventprofs, our families, and our friends around the globe. Above all, I want to express with my sincere gratitude for your voices. Witnessing how our industry is approaching this time with compassion, vulnerability, and comradery reinforces everything I love about this community.  



Like you I’m sure, the first few days of this crisis were about ensuring our families and our team were healthy and safe. We needed to sort out our scheduled projects and support our clients as best we could. Then came the realization of the pause, of how long it could be. 



The quiet can feel peaceful and at other times, unnerving.  I’ve often sought after change, enticed by its potential of exponential growth. This time, the change is hitting us globally, unwillingly, but the amplitude of the shock could reveal a fertile ground for innovation. The other side could be pretty incredible.  



Our team has opted to view this time in isolation as a safe retreat into our own creative cocoons. We’ve been discussing and discovering the many ways we can use this time to innovate and inspire.



In the coming weeks, we will be sharing platforms and projects all of us caged creatives can participate in together to keep our inspiration and passion flowing. We also look forward to sharing fresh educational content with you, because when we learn together, we grow together.



Now that we all have more time on our hands, it is a great time to connect, engage and share with an open heart. We are here on this metaphorical metamorphosis journey with you all, and are confident that on the other side of this, we will emerge stronger and more resilient than ever.


Stay healthy and keep your spirits up!

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