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How to Showcase Your Safety Conscious Brand

Health and Safety has been an increasingly marketable asset for businesses over the past decade, now so more than ever as COVID remains prevalent in our daily headlines. Communicating your unique Health & Safety approach is a reopening strategy corporations and small businesses alike are implementing across the country. In this blog we will share insights and tips for how you can start showcasing your safety conscious brand to your community.


Why Should I Showcase My Safety Conscious Brand? 

A great brand not only solves a need for its potential customers, but also builds loyalty by showing up with a consistent and authentic identity. Now with COVID-19, your clients will have new concerns you’ll want to strategically address. Our research shows these top 3 reasons you won’t want to miss out on the safety conversation: 

    1. Establishing Trust with your Clients and Customers. You’ve worked hard to develop a brand that your clients can trust. Whether or not Health & Safety was a part of your brand before, it’s a new quality that will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future. Bridge the gap between your customers’ concerns and the business they know and trust with a clear on-brand communications strategy.
    2. Retaining the Confidence of Your Team. Don’t forget that your team members are your frontline brand ambassadors, and they may have concerns too. Human Resources departments across various industries are currently reporting challenges with employee retention. Showcasing your safety conscious brand shows your people you have their best interests at heart, reduces talent turnover, and installs an atmosphere of confidence your team can pass on to your clients.
    3. Differentiate your business from the competition. Use this opportunity to show up as a leader to your community. With regulations and guidelines shifting daily, being able to frequently update your Health & Safety communications strategy will set you apart from the pack. 


Where Do I Start?  

Every business is unique. Local regulations will vary whether your headquarters hail from Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver, so a smart first step is educating yourself on your national and local guidelines. 

You can also start by taking a look at this list curated by our on-brand photography and marketing specialists, for ways your business can communicate its commitment to a safe reopening:

    • Create a COVID-19 landing page on your website so customers can easily find the answers to their COVID related questions.
    • Post your Health & Safety protocols online, updating them frequently as the situation evolves. 
    • If you made changes to your business, such as installing on-brand safety signage or barriers, showcase these steps to your community! Check out a great example of this here!
    • Capture your team in action. Whether it’s headshots in their safety masks, or behind the scenes shots of your protocols in effect, these are impactful marketing assets that can double as a team bonding experience. 
    • Stay Social. Whether it’s writing blogs, generating e-newsletters, or posting on your social channels don’t shy away from the conversation. Show up as a leader by consistently showcasing your commitment to your employees’ and guests’ safety.  


Most Importantly, Make it Feel like You!

One of the biggest risks for a brand is losing the trust of your followers. People are more responsive to messaging paired with authentic on-brand photos, so before you upload another safety mask stock image to your website, let’s talk about your unique story. 


We would love to hear about the safety measures you are putting in place as you reopen your business. We can help you showcase your safety conscious brand. Connect with us through any of our channels to keep this conversation going!

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