Meet Shelbi

Full Name: Shelbi Bernhard

City you live in: Calgary, Alberta

Role: Art Director

Gear: Nikon all the way! My go to is my 50mm f/1.4 lens.


Meet Shelbi! The talented Art Director at Leblond Studio who infuses happiness, thoughtful passion, and a dash of wit into everything she touches. 


Like many of us #cagedcreatives, Shelbi has been navigating her way through the COVID crisis embracing the insights and challenges that come with the journey. She noticed the sensation of being caged most when the weather outside was cold and dreary, keeping her away from enjoying the outdoors. 


Yet on these colder days she found more space to explore new avenues of creativity, including: learning to embroider; refining her mastery in the kitchen; and most importantly preparing with her partner to become first-time parents! On June 5th they welcomed baby Jasper into the world! 


Reflecting over the past months, this new mom expressed gratitude for the additional time to nest. In contrast to their typically full professional schedules the ability to not rush the nursery process was a welcomed surprise during this strange time we are all in. 


When we asked Shelbi what has surprised her most about being in isolation, she reflected on her preconceptions about introversion and extroversion. “’I’m surprised by how much I used to identify as an introvert. I definitely have more introverted tendencies but it’s amazing how much I took extroverted tasks and experiences for granted.” To embrace this period of extended introversion she has leaned into podcasts and literature to stay inspired by creative masters such as fashion icon Betty Johnson – her current memoir muse. 


The best piece of advice Shelbi ever received came from her post secondary photography instructor, Rory Mahony, who told her to “Be Bold”. Whether you are a photographer, #eventprof, or a #cagedcreative Shelbi reminds us to stay safe, stay inspired, and to be bold.

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