Svetlana Yanova

Meet Svetlana

Full Name: Svetlana Yanova

City you live in: Calgary, Alberta

Role: Lead Photographer 

Gear: Canon 5dmk4, Canon EOS R, L series lenses


Meet Svetlana, our talented lead photographer who’s creative passion starts shining the second she arrives onsite. 


Svetlana is one of those event professionals who is used to operating at 100km/hr (sound familiar anyone?). It’s common to see Svetlana at multiple photography locations in a single day, excelling at parenthood, and keeping up with her fitness classes without missing a beat! 


Having adjusted into a new pace during COVID, Svetlana shares that the main insight she has gained through this experience is “the importance of taking it easy”. Rest is something many of us sacrifice when working full-tilt, and Svetlana (traditionally a 6hr / night person) has found new energy and fresh perspectives from her reset schedule. 


Rested and resilient, she has channeled her energy recently into a variety of projects including: a meaningful Porch Portrait campaign, becoming a high school teacher for a few months of homeschooling, and taking long daily walks with her husband where they settle for nothing less than 10k steps! (okay, sometimes maybe 9,352 she jokingly admits). 


She also was just named one of Calgary’s Best Photographers by, Best of Calgary, and we couldn’t be more proud to see her receive this well deserved title! 


Svetlana’s best advice she ever received was “Move forward one step at a time”, a task for productive-types she notes is “not as easy as it sounds!”. To the fellow photographers that keep her inspired and the clients she can’t wait to capture interacting freely again, Svetlana hopes that through this experience we can remember the importance of resting, relaxing, and allowing ourselves to walk through this experience one foot ahead of the other.

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