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Reopening post Covid-19: Hotel Arts’ on-brand approach

Located in the heart of downtown Calgary, Hotel Arts is a creative hub that has always set itself apart from the pack. From the moment you walk into this boutique property their impressive art collection, modern aesthetic, and exceptional service staff lets guests know that they are in for a one-of-a-kind experience. 


So when this Alberta business looked at reopening, it’s no surprise they went the extra mile. Take a look at this team’s intuitive and inspired approach to reopening. 


How they did it

The first step to reopening is implementing the local and national regulations specific to your industry. Fraser Abbott of Hotel Arts says it was “important that our guests feel welcome and safe in our new environment”, and so they started looking for creative ways to make their social distancing protocols feel like home. 


As a design-centric destination, it was important that the entire experience felt on-brand. Alongside their design partner OneWest Events, Hotel Arts thought deeply about how to infuse every COVID related change with the unique creativity of their brand. From witty captions, to artistic graphics, the results you see below show how clear safety communication doesn’t have to be sterile or boring! 


Installing effective signage wasn’t the only part of their reopening strategy. Hotel Arts has proven themselves to be an exemplary advocate for the importance of communicating your efforts to your network. Fraser Abbott sums this point up perfectly: “It’s important to communicate updates with our guests, suppliers and artisans. Beyond expressing in generic terms that we’ve added new signage and safety measures, it is much more effective to provide visual examples of the work we’ve done. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words” establishing a confidence you can’t achieve with the written word alone.

It is much more effective to provide visual examples of the work we’ve done. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Fraser Abbott, Director of Business Development at Hotel Arts

Insights and TakeAways

When you walk into the newly reopened Hotel Arts, you feel just as inspired and welcomed as you did pre-COVID. By upholding their brand integrity and sharing their experience through their social and marketing platforms they’ve created an inspired example for small businesses to follow. 


Have you reopened recently? We would love to hear what your experience has been like and help you showcase your safety conscious brand! 



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