We’re Part of An Exciting New Joint Venture

We have some big and exciting news to share today! We are so pleased to welcome Dustin Westling to our executive team. Owner and Managing Partner of OneWest Events, Dustin Westling, CSEP, is now Executive Vice President of Leblond Studio, a culmination of a close working relationship that has been built over the past decade. 


Our President and Founder Stephanie Leblond says, “Dustin and I have been working side-by-side as event colleagues for 10 years. Welcoming Dustin to the Leblond Studio team means more growth opportunities for the studio, such as new creative projects and partnerships. It also means being equipped, as we grow, to keep delivering on our promise of excellence to our clients who’ve been with us, some of them for nearly 15 years.”


Speaking on the joint venture, Dustin says, “Leblond Studio has been OneWest’s photographer of choice since 2009 and I’ve worked with Stephanie on countless projects. This is a natural next step.”

Leblond Studio will be taking up residence at OneWest HQ, where our two teams will be working together more closely than ever. In joining forces, we aim to answer the increasing demand in the Canadian events industry – both from local clients, and from global clients of Alberta’s and BC’s growing destination events markets – for agencies that offer more integrated services.


With Dustin as EVP of Leblond Studio, we now have more feet on the ground and more fuel to execute on our big vision. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s next for the studio!



Read the press release here.

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